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Amelia Earhart Snapshots, Oahu, 1935

Six snapshots taken at Wheeler Field, Oahu, January, 1935
while preparing for her historic flight Oahu to Oakland

    Her journey began in Los Angeles when the Lockheed Vega NR 965-Y, was put aboard the Matson Liner, SS Lurline in late December, 1934.
    Amelia was accompanied by her husband, George Palmer Putnam; her technical adviser, the noted film stunt pilot Paul Mantz; Mrs. Mantz, and Ernie Tissot, her mechanic.  

Amelia and Mrs. Mantz
National Geographic magazine, May, 1935

    They spent two weeks in Honolulu, outfitting the plane with extra gas tanks in place of the seats and installing radio equipment.

The Six Snapshots

    I have had them for many years, but do not remember where I got them. There is no identification on the backs. They appear to be typical snapshots and not the work of a professional. They have faded giving them a sepia appearance.

    I appreciate the help of Major Steve Madson, Wheeler Squadron Commander of the Civil Air Patrol, and Mike Blackford of Hawaii. They provided positive identification the photos were taken at Wheeler and not at Oakland, as I once thought. They recognized the Waianae Mountains in Photo Five.

Bill Roddy, America Hurrah

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Putnam's papers on Amelia at Purdue University

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